President Spendings in The White House

Trump’s spending has far outpaced that of the Obamas. And that is a fact. He spends every weekend playing golf, and the rest of the time is more interested in “tweeting” than acting like a grownup.

We are all afraid he is going to get our country into a nuclear war with Korea, with his childish grade school taunts. Mueller needs to pick up the pace and get the moron out of the whitehouse. Trump is a danger and a disgrace., and has embarrassed us in front of the rest of the world. Thanks to him, America isn’t great, it’s a laughingstock.

It makes me mad when I see what the Presidents and their families have spent on fancy vacations at taxpayers expense especially when they could all afford to pay on their own. My husband and I are retired and some months we have trouble putting food on our table, it just irks me to see the wealthy get things they can afford themselves.