Harmful Chemical Toxics

When you are a teacher, very ill, and grieving having to leave your job, you have no focus or energy to think of things like lawsuits. All you can think about is recovery and how no one is offering you any avenue to getting well. All they said was “Just breathe… there’s nothing we can …

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President Spendings in The White House

Trump’s spending has far outpaced that of the Obamas. And that is a fact. He spends every weekend playing golf, and the rest of the time is more interested in “tweeting” than acting like a grownup. We are all afraid he is going to get our country into¬†a nuclear war with Korea, with his childish …

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Legendary Bolt

Coleman is fast but definitely not the next Bolt, far from it. Noah Lyles is closer to the next Bolt, he has more potetional. However, Bolt was one of a kind and we won’t see a sprinter like Bolt in a long time, could be decades before we’ll see another Bolt. The beauty of track …

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