Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Against Bed Bugs

How is it possible that something like this can happen in civilized European countries? I have been living in my country for 57 years and I haven’t seen a bed bug yet, even during the communist time. There are many best ultrasonic pest repellers that work to get rid of annoying bed bugs!

I read BBC article a month ago about the overloaded rubbish containers and rats which attacked a disabled child in France. I was shocked when I saw some dirty restaurants in England. If a restaurant in my country had looked like these, it would have been closed immediately by the state sanitary services. It makes me laugh when I recall the EU institutions which wanted to teach us higiene while they were implementing the ISO system in my country.


This reminds me of a “bed bug” story. A passenger on a Pullman car in the 40’s was bitten by bed bugs and he wrote a letter to the Pullman company to complain.

He received a response from the President of the company that said how sorry they were and they were so upset by his experience that they took the car he was on out of service and burned it. He was quite impressed and then he noticed a note attached to the letter that said “Send this guy the bed bug letter.”

One bit of advice I shall give you from a person who has successful got rid of a horrible bed bug infestation is … don’t sleep in the living room. We did that and they spread round our whole home as they follow their food source. They will nest in the walls and sofa of your living room. You are best staying in the room you found them whilst you try to kill them off