Harmful Chemical Toxics

When you are a teacher, very ill, and grieving having to leave your job, you have no focus or energy to think of things like lawsuits. All you can think about is recovery and how no one is offering you any avenue to getting well. All they said was “Just breathe… there’s nothing we can do for you.” Supposedly the stuff they sprayed did not cross the blood-brain barrier, but when your basic senses are grossly distorted this is hard to believe. Whatever was banned in 2009 specifically, the two chemicals they sprayed in my school were derivatives, like so many are. They prohibit one specific thing and allow continued use of other stuff that is just as toxic. You are lucky if you never had the experience.

For rodents and insects. The irony is that I never saw either until after it was sprayed. Then I saw one lonely spider walking slowly across the floor near the door. The whole school was sprayed, not while we were there. I liked the kids and the job. I was really sorry to leave.

My classroom got sprayed in the winter time when we could not open the windows because it was so cold. It made me so sick I had to quit my job. Poisons were chlorpyrifos – they have to tell you what it was by law. I tried to protest for the sake of thekids, but no one would listen. The reason it’s appropriate to mention Trump’s name is not because this stuff is new with his administration, but because he is loosening EPA laws in general, including on use of poisons and contaminating water, which is where much agricultural poisons end up.